TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program For Military Survivors

For the families and friends of men and women who were serving in the military - or were military veterens - at the time of their suicide. And to remember those whose deaths were a result of military service.

TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program For Military Survivors

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Caring for the families of the fallen...

TAPS is the 24/7 tragedy assistance resource for ANYONE who has suffered the loss of a military loved one, regardless of the relationship to the deceased or the circumstance of the death.

Founded out of tragedy in 1994, TAPS has established itself as the front line resource to the families and loved ones of our military men and women. TAPS provides comfort and care through comprehensive services and programs including peer based emotional support, case work assistance, crisis intervention, and grief and trauma resources.




Our National Military Survivor Seminar and Good Grief camp has been held annually since 1994. TAPS also conducts regional Survivor Seminars and Good Grief Camps at locations across the country.

If you are suffering the loss of a military loved one, or if you know someone who can use our support, please call our toll-free hotline now: 1-800-959-TAPS (8277).

“I hope we can all join together to better understand the mystery of suicide and offer support to those left behind.” – Kim Ruocco, TAPS Spouse

In the aftermath of a death by suicide, there may be confusion and questions circling in your mind; what if, why, what could I have done? These are questions often asked by all that experience the death of a loved one, but they cover expanded meanings to each person facing grief when their loved one has taken their own life.

We are so very sorry for the loss that has brought you to this page, but grateful you have reached out to TAPS. We are here for you and will do our best to help you in any way we can. TAPS is a family you are lovingly welcomed into and we hope you will lean on us whenever you need.

Through our peer groups, resources and support services, TAPS stands ready to provide you with compassion and care. Our hearts go out to you and TAPS takes great care in supporting you and honoring your loved ones.

We invite you to visit our Grief Support Services page for information of our online support groups and how to request a peer mentor and our Resources page for additional information on support, counseling and publications.

Helpful Reading:

Dying to be Free by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch
Coping with Suicide by Corky Davis
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