Death anniversary. 3 years without my sister

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Death anniversary. 3 years without my sister

Post by RubyCat » Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:13 pm

Today my sister took her own life 3 years ago. I miss her dearly and my heart hurts like hell. She and I were so close in the end and I still can't believe she's gone. These next few days will represent the darkest days of my life. Yet I want to remember her for all the good memories.

I am trying to repress my feelings and so far I've been successful. I don't want another melt down like last year. I'm afraid of showing my emotions but I feel terrible for not being devastated at the same time. I'm not over it and I never will be, but I'm not comfortable with myself. I dread calling my parents to show my support and love because I know it will be difficult. I wonder if anyone else feels the same...
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Re: Death anniversary. 3 years without my sister

Post by Blossom » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:29 am

It's not long, is it? Three years and that missing so sharp. I am sorry for the loss of your sister. Anniversaries are very hard....oh that lead up!

I wanted to write to say that I too have had a few memorable meltdowns - it is scary to lose control and yet I found it cleared the air like a good rain after a drought. I know well the feeling of repression and discomfort. It is so tricky to find what it works, when to feel 'safe' to let it work etc. Recently I put my hands in prayer's more about touching my heart than any religious, which is religious I guess....anyway, I put my hands there and said some words to the person who is me. What came out were words of understanding and sympathy for the person who is me and who is dealing with something way too big. And I let myself feel sorry for that person....and I began to feel sorry for me. And I cried. It was not a self indulgent cry.

Oh dear, I tried to reach out to you and it came out sounding a bit whacky. Please take care. You have survived 3 years now and can see a time now when good memories do not fight for space - what a journey to get to such a place.

Although I lost my son, not my sister, we three remaining have been clumsy in our support for each other....over time I have come to realise that this is simply normal and very human and it's the most lovable thing in my life. Advance, retreat, and all the ground in-between - all normal. Difficult but normal.

I hope there was something in the above that helped. My thoughts are with you this anniversary.
Blossom x

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Re: Death anniversary. 3 years without my sister

Post by Cschwab » Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:04 am

As I read and think about my brothers anniversary I come to find solace in the fact that i want others to say it gets easier. As I can tell, nothing changes but the days, weeks, months and years. The pain will always be with us. I send courage and strength to you in hopes it will help heal the pain. In return, please send me the same.

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