I believe it was her.

For those who wish to share how your faith has helped you deal with the suicide of another perons -- if you can do so in a non-preachy way.
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I believe it was her.

Post by Moun10dew » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:37 pm

I have shared this with just a few people. Last week I spent the night at a hotel in town. I had a meeting there and I have it worked that I can stay at the hotels in town when we are having a meeting there so it's easier for me to set up stuff the next morning. Anyway...the 2nd night I spent in the hotel something strange happened. This was just before I woke up the second morning of our two day meeting. I was having normal dreams as usual. Then after a dream ended everything went black...not in a utter darkness way...but in a the room is dark and I can't open my eyes dark. Anyway...I could hear....I heard what sounded like the sheets of the bed move...but I could not open my eyes. I felt something get close to me..but I couldn't open my eyes to see. It felt like her....don't ask me how I know but it felt like Kristin. Then suddenly I felt what seemed like a kiss. At that point I woke up. Nice and calm...no stress. I think it was Kristin reaching out to me.

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Re: I believe it was her.

Post by Gatto » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:15 am

That's wonderful! I had an experience like that as well, so i really believe in things like that. And now you know- she hasn't left you :)

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