I'm not religious, but...

For those who wish to share how your faith has helped you deal with the suicide of another perons -- if you can do so in a non-preachy way.
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I'm not religious, but...

Post by rachelenk » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:29 am

I am definitely spiritual. I don't believe in any sort of God or anything, but I do believe in an afterlife.
When I lost my brother I didn't feel him around for several days, but then one night I got out of the bath and once I was dressed and decent I felt him holding me.
I have also seen him once. I looked up and saw him sitting on my mum's couch.
I have felt him around me several times and it always makes me happy and peaceful.
He is in my dreams a lot. He never says anything but he will hold my hand sometimes and he looks calm and serene. He no longer has the deeply troubled look in his eyes which was there for so long when he was alive. In my dreams I will tell him that we all thought he was dead and that I want to come around to his place and I will order him a pizza. He never spoils the dream by telling me that it is just a dream.

I believe that these are all signs from him, and I feel very privileged to experience them as nobody else in my family have even felt his presence.
The thing is, other people in my extended family and also some friends have told me that this is just my brain reacting to the grief and it is all perfectly natural. I agree that this is a perfectly logical explanation.
But if believing that my brother's spirit is with me brings me great comfort and helps me, then I think it isn't right for people to tell me otherwise.

Has anyone else felt their loved one with them? How have you dealt with people trying to tell you that you're imagining it?
Matty, aged 19.
Took his life on 30/3/13 and took my heart with him.
I will love you forever wee brother.

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Re: I'm not religious, but...

Post by Blossom » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:14 pm

It is yours to treasure, to lead you, to just wallow in and let it be whatever it is, what it will come to be. I don't think it matters what anyone else thinks. There is no reason for anyone to make a case for or against, but it is a little tricky when one wants to share (because we are human, afterall!)and strikes a little skepticism - a blow when we are so vulnerable and need to have some validation of our experience. Makes me a little wary for a bit afterwards, but I have come to realise that it is just difference...that's all, no advantage or disadvantage to have this dimension in your life, I found. I've had amazing dreams about my son. Some kind of essence of the dream often lingers and it is not just my busy brain doing this. Something of him has come from without, not within. Whether that's real or delusional, doesn't matter - it's a means of resolution and a forum for love. Being 'open' takes all kinds of forms from person to person. Just as another cannot know the depth of this grief, so another cannot know what you now know about your brother visiting you in your dreams. But some do...I hope you find them. If you use the search field for 'dream', you will be able to sift through the posts here and find many similiar accounts. He sounds like a lovely brother - I am very touched by the close, warm bond between you both. I am sorry he is not here with you, but pleased for you that you are still together.
Blossom x

If nothing else, give refuge to those in need.

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