I Miss You So Much*song lyrics*

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I Miss You So Much*song lyrics*

Post by IMissYou » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:48 am

Once upon a time
I knew this girl
she was my everything

I still recall
her smile

how it hurt so bad
the day..she died

i dont know how to say goodbye....


I Miss You so much
more then words can say
i miss you so much
more the life itself
i miss you so much

I just wish
that you were here
i'll never be the same

All she ever wanted
was a freind
i knew i should have said
i love you

now i'll never have that chance

***repeat chorus***

i never thought that this would happen
i have been so lost without you
the only thing that keeps me here
is you

***repeat chorus***
iv'e tried so hard to tell myself that your'e gone
but tho your'e still with me
iv'e been alone all along

My Immortal:Evanescence

if you know inside yourself that you are worth a freind to others,then you have life set
Diana Dasliva

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