Diana*song lyrics*

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Diana*song lyrics*

Post by IMissYou » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:39 pm

memories of you and me
they tumble inside my head
the way that we used to be
the times that we had

no one has ever believed in me like you did
you left me to wonder
where did i go wrong


baby where are you now
wish you were still alive

i just cant sleep at night
think of you all the time
i still feel you next to me
by my side

without a warning
you took your own life
im so sorry...that i didnt
get the chance to say goodbye

***repeat chorus***

mabye my love was not enough
mabye if i could have known
didnt know you were hurting inside
Diana..why did you do it

tried to be what she wanted
i gave her all i had
girl,you left me with nothing....
nothing but memories

***repeat chorus****
iv'e tried so hard to tell myself that your'e gone
but tho your'e still with me
iv'e been alone all along

My Immortal:Evanescence

if you know inside yourself that you are worth a freind to others,then you have life set
Diana Dasliva

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