Alliance of Hope Bookstore and Webpages

A place for review and commentary on books about suicide or suicide grief, on movies (or televison shows) or songs which touch upon suicide issues.
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Alliance of Hope Bookstore and Webpages

Post by cali » Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:38 pm

The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors links to this page on Amazon, with many resources, including some films, for survivors of suicide, from parents, to siblings, children, military, etc. It looks like a big resource. I wish it also listed the book in my post below this one, which is also available on Amazon, and I found extremely helpful.

Here is the link:

and the link for the web page, which has a blog and several other resources: ... icide.html

The reason I posted two links is that the first seems to have more books and more categories of survival, while the second has a broader range of links to web pages for survivors other than just books, including a blog and a forum, similar to, but different from, this one. It also has some pages to post a picture and a brief memorial to your loved one. definitely worth checking out.

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