A Father's Grief - Poem

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A Father's Grief - Poem

Post by psyquestor » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:43 am

It must be very difficult
To be a man in grief,
Since "men don't cry"
and "men are strong"
No tears can bring relief.

It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test,
And field the calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.

They always ask if she's all right
And what she's going through.
But seldom take his hand and ask,
"My friend, but how are you?"

He hears her crying in the night
And thinks his heart will break.
He dries her tears and comforts her,
But "stays strong" for her sake.

It must be very difficult
To start each day anew.
And try to be so very brave-
He lost his baby too.
Author Unknown
Proud Army Mom

I thought I would lay down and die after losing my Son to suicide.
Instead I chose to fight the monster that killed him.

Hold On, Pain Ends

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Re: A Father's Grief - Poem

Post by rainie » Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:54 pm

Thank u for posting this poem. I as a mother have heard my husband say the very statements this poem addresses as to how he was doing/ feeling and others ignoring his pain.
It was each of my sons who died so I felt justified in dumbing down his feelings.
And him being one who comes from a family who never allows outsiders to see any hints of emotions in their grief or in any of their struggles of life.
This family recently lost a son, brother,friend,husband ,grandson to suicide. I, who is an "outsider" was let know that I was of no use to them. And when I saw the mother use face book to do her grieving to the whole world , I felt even MORE ostracized from them. I who lost two sons with never a word of caring or never my son's names said as I was among them thru the years after each of their deaths and even now.
My husband who is the best person to come into my life next to my SOns who r now gone and my god.....
He always communicates his families care for me but I've never felt it in any tangible way...
And I've always suspected that he would not fair well if he ever had to experience the death of any of his three kids.
As a mother / parent who's experienced their worst nightmare come true by losing her children , her heart. I read the following statement recently-----"when a child is born a mother sees her heart. When a child dies how does a mother live without her heart?"

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