(Poem) A Circle of Friends Born From Catastrophe.

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(Poem) A Circle of Friends Born From Catastrophe.

Post by Karyl » Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:51 pm

I'm posting this for psyquestor.

A Circle of Friends Born From Catastrophe
By Yvonne Rhodes

We’re friends, although we mostly don’t know each other well,
We didn’t know each other at all, until we entered this Earthly Hell.

We each lived a separate life, oblivious of what was yet to come,
Never imagining that tragedy would come and strike us dumb.

At first we were isolated, each in our own bubble of despair,
Brain numbed, emotions deadened, nothing to do but stare.

Slowly, over time, we looked for others who understood our pain,
Not expecting to find anyone but looking again and again.

Then we find someone whose experience is almost the same,
There are some differences, but we all think we‘re to blame.

We have found a sister or a brother, to bond with in our grief,
We’re not alone in this, the abyss of misery need not rob us of self belief.

Our band of brothers and sisters expands with every passing day,
We wrap each newcomer in the cloak of understanding ways.

We rely on each other because we know how the other feels,
We support each other while our shattered lives try to heal.

We love each other spiritually, as sisters and brothers do,
I say thank you to each of you who have helped me through.

Yvonne Rhodes.

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