Adult Protection Services

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Adult Protection Services

Post by Beloved1 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:17 pm

I had a very important visit in my apartment from a New York City's Adult Protection Services representative this morning whose form I filled out and submitted online on Sunday. The first question she asked me was whether I was going to commit suicide. I woke up this morning with staggering vertigo and could barely walk. I knew it was from yesterday's emotional trauma of Housing Court and Bankruptcy Court. I need to be out of this apartment by February 28th or be evicted. The Bankruptcy Court appearance in the afternoon address was listed wrong. I was sent on a very cold day to 3 locations where I encountered enraging security guards as well as putrid lawyers and judges.

I also Googled, emotional trauma, amygdala - which is where emotional trauma is stored, vertigo, tinnitus - mine was really chirping and I had an idea that I am healing my first eviction trauma from when I was 3 years old as well as coping with today! From ... article=10 I found that the "Emotional Brain
Deep inside the brain, the emotional brain controls the body’s physiology...the emotional brain is selectively subjects experiencing intense fear." I started taking a little diazepam as my therapist always recommended 3 x day for 3 days and then off. So, that was the Meds - under my control, which I think is brilliant. After reading that link, I decided to try adding 2 more Omega 3 caps also, taking the 3 Omega 3 caps also 3 x day for 3 days. I started to feel more stable as I prepared my paper work for my next meeting with the APS rep tomorrow which is wonderful because now I see a real live human being and not just a gaping void when I think of tomorrow. I got the strength and courage to telephone the Marshal's Office and tell them about the Judge's decision and faxed it to them. My tinnitus was still chirping. Although I had music on, it wasn't going equally into both of my ears, so now I have my iPod plugged into both of my ears and am listening to Sarah Chang play Mozart on

Taking control is work and huge for emotional healing and suicide prevention. We are worth it!

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