Growing up with my dad

Share special memories of the person that you remember.
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Growing up with my dad

Post by Jessybug » Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:42 am

Where do I start? Clay (my dad) loved the outdoors, so much so that he majored in outdoor recreation management and forestry, he instilled a love of all living things in dad loved plays, especially the independent college plays...we enjoyed concerts together he took me to see tina turner, joan jett, the first was the guy who played the flute...umm...anyway it was classic....we used to drive up in the mountains in california above the clouds and he would always buy me a gatorade to settle my tummy...camping, fishing, he didnt hunt though....he wasnt a vegetarian or anything, it was just the one time he went and brought it back home I freaked out and he never went was an enlisted military life and I was an only child once he got his degree he became a ranger and then a liason for the public school programs in pcb florida on wildlife and wilderness...I wasnt spoiled but thinking back he tried his best although he never really showed a lot of physical affection....he loved movies, not tv, but going to the movies, and boating, and fish and chips....funny what small things make up a life, a childhood, that special relationship huh?? I miss him so much and its so tiring...I wish I could tell him how much of the world was introduced to me through him, and that I think he did a pretty good job....he left me and my mom shortly after he finished school so she went into the army to support us I was about 13 gosh I hated him for that, and he knew it, classic story pregnant in high school, married, military, they grew apart...I missed him. but nothing like this, he was a phone call away, we had our vacations, I can still hear his voice in my head always called me jessy bug and his sweet girl....sorry today is my daughters 22nd birthday I became a mom at 16 and Heather had made my life so wonderful....somehow my dad got into my head today though and hasnt left yet...maybe because we're all tied always thanks for listening...

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Re: Growing up with my dad

Post by psyquestor » Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:16 am

Jessy, Thank you for telling us more about your Dad. I too was feeling nostalgic, as my Dad passed 22 years ago on August 28, 1990. He passed when I was young and I have now lived as long without him as with him, though he will always be one of the best parts. I spent the day thinking about what made him special and unique and times we spent together. You said you miss talking to him. I still talk to my Dad, as odd as that sounds. It helps somehow. Maybe I feel more connected to him when I talk to him? I'm not sure, I just know that it helps. Our parents are a huge part of our lives and it just feels right to "share" things with him still. I can remember being angry with him when he died, for leaving my Mom and us alone. I think I even yelled at him a few times - though he did not die by suicide. That too helped. (he knew he was ill and kept it from us and didn't go to the Dr. like he should have. So this was the reason for my anger).

I hope today is more gentle Jessy. Thanks again for sharing. I think the good memories can help us get through. Try to hold those close if you can. (((hugs)))
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