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Post by randosmom » Wed May 23, 2012 11:16 am

The night before Valentine’s Day, my son, Randy, & I made chocolate covered strawberries together. But he didn’t stay long, his job had him running late & he had to leave because he didn’t want to tell his girl what we were doing. He knew if he was too late getting home she wouldn’t be happy. I happily finished the berries & left them in the fridge for him. He stopped by the next day & got them before I was home from work. Less than an hour later he sent me a text; “Strawberries were a hit. Thx Mom. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Nine days later, he was gone.

He was a carpenter & was in the beginning stages of remodeling our entryway when he left us. Just two weeks before I was wringing my hands in a text to him, concerned that there were aspects of the project they might not be able to handle. His reply – “We can do it all, Mom. We are profreakingfessionals!” I took a breath because I knew he was right.

Today is the 3 month mark & my entryway remains unfinished; a painful reminder of the talent wasted. Flooring is stacked up, different paint swatches are tested on the walls, the new front door is installed, but not painted, etc. Part of me wants to leave it as is forever.

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Re: Professionals

Post by psyquestor » Wed May 23, 2012 12:17 pm

(((((hugs)))))) Thank you for sharing this memory of your Valentine's Day preparations with Randy. I bet the chocolate strawberries were delicious.
I remember the three month mark well. It was a real turning point in my healing; although I did not know it at the time. I struggled so hard with my grief and trying to put on "the face" for everyone. Please be gentle with yourself and know we are here.
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