Poem I Wrote

Share special memories of the person that you remember.
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Poem I Wrote

Post by mydnyghtamethyst » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:29 am

I've really beein missing the city where I used to live as well as Ash lately. My hometown is just so small and boring.

Missing Indy

I took that flight not because I had the time

Our worlds were free and open but you'd promised you'd be mine

I stepped off that plane and the journey had began

I never thought I'd leave my home now I'm missing one.

My eyes were open, eager so to see

A life you spoiled me with now only memory

A horse-drawn carriage on the cobble streets

That towering monument, a palce where tourist meet

We walked the canals like Venice

Lied down in the grass

Have I told you before?

That is what I miss

We saw ruins of old

Standing tall and mighty with stories never told

We ran through a forest of dreams

Praised the river bed's stream

You showed me a place like home

Boats swaying to and fro

A world like mine exists where you are

How would I ever know?

Don't forget those smaller journeys

Treasures to be found

Tiny shops with bohemian style

Every moment together, our riches were abound

Visited a church, gothic with stained glass

A day of celebration

This adventure was our last

Time has come and gone

Days I will forever mourn

Back to where I was, I did have to roam

Remember my place beside you though

It is my only home now
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Re: Poem I Wrote

Post by Blossom » Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:23 pm

From the heart and beautiful. The last lines especially touched my heart....thank you for sharing, mydnyghtamethyst.
Blossom x

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Re: Poem I Wrote

Post by mydnyghtamethyst » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:53 am

Thank you. I just realized the last two words are miss placed :lol:

I'm remembering even more I want to add to it. That was our life. Adventuring all day, then video games together or 80s movies all night.

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