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Postby sperkins19 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:54 pm

We had some crazy messages on facebook.Me and my best friend MonTy.

The one I remember the most though, I told him that there had to be something wrong with me that no guy wanted me. His response to me was that I shouldn't talk like that and if I did that he would slap me so hard I was his complection. Which til this day I don't think is possible.But reading it I couldn't stop laughing.

Then last summer I had tried to overdose and when he found out well we was far from happy. But the one thing that made me laugh was after he talked to me about it that I shouldn't do it. He told me besides if you do it I'm going to have to beat your ass at your funeral yes I fight dead bodies. It made me laugh instantly. I don't know he just had this sense of humor that you just had to know him to get it and be able to laugh at it.

He's been my best friend since our Sophomore year in high school,6 years. That's a long time. I have a lot of memories but sometimes I don't think their enough that the pictures and memories won't replace him won't fill the void.

-MonTy's best friend
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