I remember...

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I remember...

Postby brookechicken » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:09 pm

I remember...

When I was pregnant and Jeremie I are were driving in the car. A really good song came on so I turned the stereo up. Jeremie was such a speaker freak that I had a wuffer and an amp in my trunk. He LOOOOOOOVED loud music. He was so afraid that the music would hurt our baby that he turned the radio down and unplugged the amp and wuffer!

Jeremie and I would endlessly play practical jokes on each other. Rubber band around the spray nozzel, exploding pop cans, wet willys, jumping out from behind corners. It never ended. It got to the point that when I came home from work, if he wasn't outside or sitting on the couch, I would grab the broom and start poking around the corners trying to find him!

We were always picking on one another. He made the comment once that "one of us is always frustrated with the other one" because if he wasn't picking on me, I was picking on him. It started from the moment we woke up in the morning until we went to bed at night. We made an agreement once to always start the day laughing, which we almost always did.

He would give me piggy back rides into the kitchen...that was 10 feet away.

Building paper boats and floating them down the river that was our street...throwing rocks at them to sink them!

Taking walks in the rain...and then a hot shower together afterwards.

Going to sleep at the same time every night. He waited for me, or I waited for him. We never slept alone.

I remember the way he smelt. A salty, earthy smell. He smelt like sweat, dirt, and sunshine. He was always so warm. He was my own personal furnace.

His hugs. His kisses. How they always made me feel better even when I was mad at him...which sometimes made me more angry...sometimes you just want to be mad!

I've been feeling really sorry for myself lately. Focusing on all the bad things. The loneliness, the questions, the self-doubt, the hurt, the sadness, the anger. I lost sight of what it was that I loved about him. The things that matter. The things that I want my daughter to know about her daddy. I can't let myself forget. I can never let myself forget the good times. They, and he, are a part of me always.
Jeremie...9.23.2010...However far away, I will always love you
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Re: I remember...

Postby Blossom » Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:35 pm

Peaceful, loving memories. It's so sad and so wonderful at once. This gift to yourself is, by proxy, a gift to your daughter too. Your little girl is so fortunate to have a mum who will pass on wonderful spoken memories that illuminate Jeremy's love and personality...and will enable her to grow into who she truly is, through knowing who he was....(and is still in your hearts). Blessings.
Blossom x

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Re: I remember...

Postby tamh1234 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:33 am

Your written memories are beautiful. How wonderful that you had this beautiful love with such a remarkable man. Some people never have what you two had. I echo what Blossom wrote...your memories will be a beautiful gift to your daughter and will become so treasured by her. I wish that I had kept a journal about their father with all the wonderful memories and things I wanted them to know about him. Unfortunately, I never thought to do that and as the many years have passed the memories aren't as clear as they use to be. I am so sorry that you both have lost Jeremie. My heart goes out to you both.
I love you, little brother, and miss you more than words could ever say.
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