Phantom of the Opera

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Phantom of the Opera

Postby bevcolbert » Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:30 pm

We watched the movie version of Phantom of the Opera this past weekend. The play was my son's favorite. We saw it twice in New York on Broadway but I had never seen the movie. I could not stop thinking about Matt and how much he loved the music. I bought him a music box of the Phantom that plays "Think of Me". The week before he died my son put that music box on a shelf in my house with the Phantom facing the wall. It was a sign--if only I had been paying closer attention! But everything is always clearer in hindsight. My son also bought a silk rose when we went to see the play in April of 2009. The rose has a little ribbon on it that says "Think of Me". That rose is part of the flower arrangement at my son's grave. So tonight and always I will think of him. I love and miss you Matt!
Beverly, mother of Matt (7/3/1986-6/16/2010)
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