another melt down.

How does grief make you feel? Angy? Sad? Lonely? Afraid? Worried? Tired? Empty?
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another melt down.

Post by evangelia » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:25 pm

It happens to leave in a small town,when something bad happens its spreads fast,whispers in the streets and talks in cafe's,and bars, all have something to say all jump to convolutions all judge
-"did you heard about that young man who took hes own life?.
- of-course i did, that poor boy ,he must suffered a serious mental illness for sure.
Some time i pass the street i hear people whisper "look there that is his sister of the boy who took hes life " Like im a protagonist in a well know tragedy.or
A member of shity family witch is to blame.
I want to say to those people that my family is loving,we are not perfect, but we care for each other, and we have love in our hearts and we suffer deeply the loss of my Brother
And i want people to know that my brother was a Good sensitive man, that he was working hard in the army, that he was taking others colleagues extra work so they could spend more time with there families,
-go home ill finish this (he was saying) you go to wife and children at home. He was always there for his friends, to help them any way possible,
He loved his sisters, always a big hug was waiting for us.(even if we didn't see each other often ).
He was there when i needed him no matter what, a supporting brother who i lost forever. THAT was my brother not only a mental ill person, Please do not ever forget who he really was,please do not define him on his depression alone,but remember him for what he really was, a beautiful person a really beautiful person.

Forgive bad English
Love and hugs to all

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Re: another melt down.

Post by cali » Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:53 pm

The insensitivity is hard, and comes of ignorance. But thank you for telling us about your beautiful brother. And thank you for your poem. Your love for your brother shines through it. Hugs

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