There's a Camp for You

Especially for those whose mothers or fathers died by suicide.

There's a Camp for You

Postby gupmos » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:32 pm

My kids were 19, 16 and 14 when their dad hung himself. I guess we just continued on. Although we didn't pretend he didn't exist or it didn't happen, we didn't really talk about it. I tried counseling for the youngest two, but one became mute and one daughter just put on her "acting" persona. I figured that we laughed and continued on so things were ok. They were not. All emotions were hidden. They were shamed. They were angry. They were embarrassed. They were hurt. They were so many things and I didn't know.

Twelve years later, the three of them got together and started working on a non-profit summer camp for kids 8-17 who have lost a parent or loved one to suicide. Last summer was it's first year and was a great success! My kids started to heal along with the campers! This camp takes place on Thompson Lake in Maine for one week in August. They have been diligently fundraising and have had generous donors and are able to offer the 2015 week TUITION FREE. If you are near Maine or can get there, look into this camp. The feedback from the campers and their families has been heart-warming. or see Camp Kita on Facebook. You can also email at

Don't let the time go by. Find SOMEPLACE that works for your family. Talking about it is the key and the hardest part.
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Re: There's a Camp for You

Postby Cschwab » Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:47 am

Thanks for sharing. Your husband would be proud. Your children are kind and generous. I wish there was some type of support in our community for our sons and daughters affected by a parents suicide.
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Re: There's a Camp for You

Postby taekwoo » Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:29 am

how so very wonderful of them to create this! thank you so much for sharing you must be so proud of them.
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